Ongoing Research

Submitted for publication

• Christelis, D. and R. Fonseca (2015): “Labor Market Policies and Self-employment Transitions of Older Workers“, CIRANO and CEDIA working paper. Submission.

• Fonseca, R. and T. Sopraseuth (2015): “Distribution Effects of Social Security Reforms: the case of France“, CIRANO and CEDIA working papers. Third revision.

• Fonseca, R., Michaud, P.-C., Kapteyn, A. and T. Galama (2013): “Accounting for the Rise of Health Spending and Longevity“, IZA Discussion Papers, 7622. Revision.

• Fonseca, R. and K. Elitcha: “Self-employment, Wealth and Start-up Costs: Evidence from a Financial Crisis“, CIRANO and CEDIA working paper. Submission.

Working papers

• Fonseca, R. and Simon Lord (2017): “Self-Employed, Retiring but Still Working: Choice or Necessity?”, working paper.

• Fonseca, R. and Mayssun El-Attar Vilalta (2017): “Poverty After 50 in Canada: A Recent Snapshot”, working paper.

• Fonseca, R., Côté-Sergent, A. and Erin Strumpt (2016): “Health Inequalities and Disease Incidence across Educational Levels”, presented at the CEA.

• de Bresser, J., Fonseca, R. and P.-C. Michaud (2015): “Retirement Behavior in the U.S. and Europe“, presented at The Evaluation and Design of Retirement and Savings Programs workshop organised by CIRANO and CEDIA.

• Fonseca, R. and V. Quadrini (2015).”Health Insurance and Entrepreneurship“, mimeo.

• Fonseca, R., Langot, F., Michaud, P.-C. and T. Sopraseuth (2015): “An Equilibrium Medical Expenditures Model. An international perspective”, presented at the 2015 Health and Inequalities Conference, mimeo.

• Fonseca, R. and Y. Zheng (2013): “The Effect of Education on Health: Cross-Country Evidence“, RAND Corporation Publications Department, working paper.

• Fonseca, R., Gaudette, E. and P.-C. Michaud (2012): “Forecasting Population Health, Health Spending and Mortality“, presented at the CEA Calgary.